Alejandro Llop Lightroom Presets Pack 1

Alejandro Llop Lightroom Presets Pack 1


Here you have a pack with my favorite lightroom presets and the ones I have used in most of my work.

The pack includes 7 presets:

- A1. It is a preset made with an analog style, warm and with a little grain. This is in general, useful for any light situation.

- A1 + contrast. It is the same preset as the A1 but I use it in low contrast situations.

- A2. Similar to the A1 but with a bit of magenta tones in the highlights, very smoothly. This is probably one of my favorite presets and the one I use the most.

- A2 + contrast. Same as the A2 but made for low contrast situations.

- A3. Cold preset in general, contrasted and fresh. Inspired a bit by the Asian style in which blues tend to cyan and shadows are cold. Ideal for blue hour, although it can be used in any light situation.

- A4. Very soft preset with magenta tones. I have used this preset in all my Chamonix series. Ideal for high contrast photos and blue hour. In low light situations it brings a very moody atmosphere.

- A5. This preset is my interpretation of the HB2 (Hypebeast) of VSCO. Generally cold tones, being a little warmer in the highlights. I love using it in portraits with soft light or cold landscapes.

And that's Pack 1! I hope these presets will help you not just to make your photos look better, but to direct you towards your own style. Use these presets to learn and not just to make a simple click. Change my parameters, try new things and convert them into yours. That is the way to learn and with which you will really get to define your own style.

Thank you!


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